AT&T iPhone 6s campaign

AT&T asked us to create a campaign that would drive demand for the iPhone 6s. However, we realized that everyone who was going to buy the iPhone was probably going to anyways. Our true challenge was to retain customers and attract new ones by increasing the net promoter score for AT&T. We needed to create a campaign that would tap into our audiences' experience with the iPhone and make them feel good at the same time. 

The first step was to understand more about what motivates people to buy. The purchase is driven by the new model's improved features; it's about that new iPhone feeling... The feeling that you get when you wake up on New Year's Day and are excited about the possibilities ahead that are unlocked by a fresh start. That feeling you get when you drive off the dealership lot in your new car. People buy the new iPhone because it makes them feel good. We embraced this insight and made it the cornerstone of the campaign strategy. 0ur campaign would show all of the rationalizations people make up to justify their iPhone purchase. They just want to experience that new iPhone feeling again. 

To kick off the campaign, we launched a series of Facebook newsfeed videos that were distributed to AT&T customers who typically buy the new iPhone during its first three months in market. We also targeted potential customers who were currently with other carriers by developing look-a-like audience models from our own CRM data. The inclusion of social videos in the campaign was a huge win for AT&T. Apple had never approved the use of newsfeed videos in the U.S. before. AT&T was the first carrier who received approval to do so, due to the quality of the integrated campaign idea and our implementation of the strategy across all mediums.

From there, we rolled out the campaign across TV, print and other channels. 

The campaign was a huge success for AT&T. NPS scores reached all time highs and sales numbers followed.