Digital Strategy contributions

  • Led the content strategy team for the Sprint group at Goodby.

  • Produced dozens of broadcast, OOH, print, digital and mobile campaigns.


“All. Together. Now. is designed to celebrate all the things people are doing with their mobile devices on the Sprint Now Network and promotes the idea that people can do more of those activities without wondering if they’ll suffer slower speeds or higher costs as a result of that increased usage.” - Bill Morgan, senior vice president-Corporate Marketing, Sprint.

“The idea is to make social behavior contagious to a national audience and let everyone know that Sprint is the only national wireless carrier offering unlimited pricing plans without data overages or throttling, which means they can use their smartphone or tablet as much as they like while on the Sprint network for something fun like wishing a stranger happy birthday.”

“This campaign is socially driven by its nature. We want people to participate through some of the more traditional vehicles like text and voice, but we also developed a piece on Facebook where people can join together to participate in the campaign as well if that’s a better fit for them.”